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Streamline Your Style




 Refine your style.

Increase your confidence.

  • Learn what colours, cuts and fabrics suit you

  • Save time and money

  • Be inspired by your wardrobe

  • Feel amazing inside & out

Buy less. Choose well. Make it last.

- Vivienne Westwood

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Tired of...

...having lots of clothes and nothing to wear?

...making expensive mistakes?

...feeling dowdy in out-of-date clothes?

...wishing you had more confidence?

I can help



Voucher for 'Style Reset' Package

Thank you Sarah, you've made my beautiful Mum super happy and she's picked up some gorgeous capsule pieces already!


'Style Reset' Package

No more shopping errors for me. Knowing that I now have the ability to put things together with the right style and colours that suit me is amazing.


Colour Consultation

I love the idea of gradually building up a wardrobe filled with pieces that all make me feel as lovely as I felt when you draped me in those gorgeous Soft Autumn colours.

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How It Works

Imagine being a more confident, stylish person. To get there you need to know what suits you and how to put it all together. The problem is you don't know where to start or you think it's just not possible. This makes you feel frustrated and maybe even gets you down. I believe you shouldn't have to feel like this every time you get dressed or go shopping. I understand what it feels like to have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear which is why I have made it easy to work with me. Here are three options:


A bespoke service tailored to your needs. Together we work on your personal style development and confidence levels.

Online Course

A six week course designed to elevate your style and confidence. A hybrid of video learning and live group sessions with Sarah.

Corporate Solutions

Keynote talks on style and performance, image & uniform consulting and more.

So stop wasting time and money and stop feeling frustrated and instead look and feel better than you ever thought possible.

Get in touch today for a free phone consultation.

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The Style Coach™

I understand how it feels to struggle with impulse buys that turned out to be a waste of money, lots of clothes and nothing to wear and low self esteem. I'm happy to say these are no longer a part of who I am because I learned what it takes to feel good about oneself and make better choices.  I do this through a combination of coaching and styling techniques.  I have helped many women with similar challenges. You can find some of my clients' testimonials here. I have a unique combination of skills to make your experience not only fun but truly remarkable and life changing. With a Diploma in Style Coaching™ and in Mind Coaching, I understand the positive effect looking good can have but it is also the work on the mind that provides long lasting change from the inside.


Sarah Ryan

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Choose from a selection of services that will help you achieve new levels of confidence, inside and out. Or perhaps choose a service as a gift to a loved one.

Well Organized Closet

Choose from three, carefully designed packages with your transformation in mind while saving on individual services.


From Keynote speeches to Image and Uniform Consulting, I can help to increase confidence, happiness and productivity among your staff.

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