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I help individuals, speakers and business owners maximise their impact and income by developing a unique and memorable personal style.

You've got seven seconds to
make an impression.
Don't waste them.


How It Works

Imagine being a more confident person with a great style that matches your personality. To get there you need to know what suits you and how to put it all together. The problem is you don't know where to start or you think it's just not possible. This makes you feel frustrated and maybe even gets you down and knocks your confidence when you need it most. I believe you shouldn't have to feel like this which is why I have made it easy to obtain your style and confidence goals. Here are three options:


A bespoke service tailored to your needs. Together we work on your personal style development and confidence levels.


Choose from 3 carefully designed courses to help you with your style and confidence development.

Corporate Solutions

Personal branding through style, keynote talks, image & uniform consulting and more.

Stop second guessing your style. Become that confident individual that has authority and presence and who people want to listen to.

Get in touch today for a free phone consultation.


"As a result of our work together I’ve gained confidence and reduced the time it takes to decide what to wear for different occasions. A great investment - highly recommended!"

Shop Your Wardrobe

"I’ve worked with Sarah to review my style and clothes choices, especially for work events. She helped me re-use what I have and shop more thoughtfully, and helped me put outfits together, saving me time and improving my confidence. I look forward to continuing to work with her."

"I vastly underestimated how much knowledge Sarah would share. Thank you Sarah for your wonderful course and for teaching me "how to style" for a lifetime!"

Streamline Your Style

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Sarah helps speakers, presenters and business owners to stand out from the crowd with a strong and consistent personal style so that they can feel confident in their delivery and build a trustworthy and professional experience for their audience.


She is an award winning businesswoman who has been recognised for her work in inclusion, diversity and sustainability. Her videos and courses have been seen by over half a million people worldwide and she has been featured in Woman’s Way magazine as a successful, self-made entrepreneur.


Sarah has worked with hundreds of people across five continents and has delivered key note talks on how style can be used as a tool for communication, wellbeing and enhanced performance to organisations such as AIB and the Associated Colleges of Illinois to name but a few.


Sarah has also consulted with start-ups struggling to create a strong and consistent in-person brand experience amongst staff by developing their image and uniform standards. Her experience of living in the Middle East for eight years and travelling to over 80 countries has allowed Sarah to develop a unique insight and appreciation for cultural diversity and the true richness of a wide range of styles that exist in every corner of the globe. Sarah is a qualified Style Coach™, Mind Coach and Master Practitioner of NLP and uses this transformative combination of skills in Behavioural Science to achieve life-changing results with her clients.



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