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A Little Shopping Spree

I'm not one for going out and splurging on a shopping trip....anymore, specially when it comes to fast fashion clothing. I know it can be tempting to shop in the likes of Penneys where you could literally have (and afford to have) a new outfit for each day of the year.

There is temptation in that, for sure, particularly when you look online and every influencer seems to have a new dress for every post. Keeping up with trends can be a tricky business.

It took a while for me to come around to the idea that this was not a sustainable way to live nor did I want to look like everyone else on Instagram. Developing my own sense of style and understanding what suits me best allowed me to break-up with fast fashion and seek out alternative ways of looking and feeling good. Enter the world of pre-loved fashion.

Second-hand clothing holds a stigma for many people, including myself once upon a time. It took a shift in my values to appreciate that there is a lot of value in clothing and accessories that already exist.

In my latest video I share some of my best pre-loved finds which I will be proud to rock at the next social gathering....whenever that might be!

Enjoy and happy styling,

Sarah x

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