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Body Shapes - What You Should Know

Updated: May 29, 2019

Understanding you body shape is one of the most important things to know when choosing what to wear. But why is it so important and how do I take my body measurements?

Body shape - Why so important?

There are many reasons why you might want to know your body shape but I've listed my top 3 reasons below.

1. Save time.

When you understand what your body shape is and what suits you it will save you so much time when you are shopping for a new item. Rather than taking a whole pile of clothes into the dressing room like it's the first laundry day after a 4 week holiday, you can become a more discerning shopper and know what suits you just at a glance. No more trial and error! Just efficient shopping!

2. Save money.

Have you ever made purchases in the past only to leave them hanging in your wardrobe unworn because they weren't quite right? If you added up the price of all the items that stay unworn or you've passed on to someone else, how much do you think that would be? Learning about what suits you is knowledge that will benefit you for years to come and you will save money too!

3. Reduce impact on the environment.

In a world of fast fashion and massive consumption I do try to reduce my impact on the environment when possible. When we understand our body shape we can make better choices about what we wear leading to less waste. Furthermore the items that we do buy are well thought out and they will stay in our closet a long time.

What body shape am I?

I've created a video on Body Shape Analysis which you could check out here.

What Other Stylists May Forget to Mention

When we talk about body shapes we are talking about a mere five or six shapes. When you consider that there are close to 4 billion women in the world you can imagine that these shapes have been seriously simplified and that is why they may cause confusion. If you don't fit exactly into one of these shapes, believe me, you are not alone. These body shapes are guidelines. Every body is unique and your body should be dressed accordingly. That is where the knowledge of a stylists is invaluable.

I hope this helped you out and that you enjoyed the video! I'd love to hear your thoughts and questions you have on the topic! You can leave a comment under the video or get in touch here.

Happy shopping!

Sarah -x-


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