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Do You Have Cool or Warm Undertones?

Undertones play a massive part in bringing out your best. It is possible to have cool, warm or even neutral undertones and once you have identified this choosing the right colours of clothes and makeup becomes so much easier.

Your undertone is the colour that sits beneath the surface of your skin. It can be difficult to identify to the untrained eye and there are plenty of things to mislead you along the way, olive skin tones being one of them!

In my most recent video I give you several simple tricks that you can do at home to help you identify your undertone. These are not fool proof, however, and they can often lead people down the wrong undertone path if you are not trained in colour analysis. The good news is there is one sure fire way to identify if you have warm, cool or neutral undertones. Watch to find out more!

Enjoy and happy styling,

Sarah x

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