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How To Exit Lockdown in Style

If you are stressed about having to dress up again after a long period at home, you are not alone. Clients, friends and family have all expressed their concerns that their clothes don't fit like they use

to. Leggings and comfy clothes have been the order of the day as many of use transitioned to a 'working-from-home' lifestyle.

Now that the country is opening up and more social occasions are available to us, you may be faced with the dilemma of not having anything to wear. In this week's video I style a black pair of leggings three ways just in case those jeans are feeling a little snug. We can still have all the comfort and great style, we just might need to use our imagination a little.

I hope this video helps give you some ideas of how you can dress up your loungewear as we enter a new phase of socialising.

Happy styling,


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