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How To Plan Your Spring/Summer Wardrobe

With longer days and (slightly) warmer temperatures the shops are lining up their Spring/Summer stock to lure you in to buying a whole new wardrobe full of clothes. New Spring trends are plentiful and for fear of appearing dowdy and out-of-fashion you may be tempted to hit the shops (or scroll online) to keep up with the latest offerings.

Caveat Emptor! Buyer beware! This is prime time for impulse buys which can often lead to buyers remorse or items hanging in your wardrobe with their labels still attached not being worn. So how can you save money and time and avoid the purchasing pitfalls that many of us fall victim to?

I haven't always been a wardrobe planner and I have made my fair share of expensive style mistakes. Learning how and why to plan has been priceless in my style journey.

I chat about this further in my latest video below so you, too, can become a thoughtful curator of your style.

Happy styling,

Sarah x

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