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Pre-Loved Shopping - Fashion's Biggest Trend

Pre-loved, second hand, vintage, whatever you want to call it there is a big shift happening in the fashion world. We are seeing more and more celebrities re-wearing items from last season or a previous event which before was a major fashion faux-pas. It's now all about sustainability and moving away from fast fashion to a slower pace of consumption.

But is there really anything worthwhile to be found out there? I think in years gone by having a hand-me-down or something out of a charity shop was not something to shout about. The association with items of clothes sourced in this way was that they would be old, tatty and remind you of something your grandmother would wear.

Times have changed and there are plenty of gems to be found in the likes of Siopaella in Dublin and Vestiaire Collective online.

I share my greatest finds from the last six months in my latest video.


Sarah x

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