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Shop Your Wardrobe - Slow Fashion

If you want to be more sustainable in your style choices then shopping your wardrobe is the first step to slow fashion. The most sustainable clothes will always be the ones that are already in your wardrobe. The challenge is looking at what you have with a fresh perspective.

Looking to Pinterest or Instagram is a great way to get inspiration for creating new outfits. Of course, your wardrobe is going to look very different to that of anyone else's. Understanding the overall aesthetic, silhouette, and vibe of the outfit you are using for inspiration can allow you to interpret the look. You can then substitute items in your wardrobe to create something similar.

In my latest video I took three looks, broke them down to understand the style vibe and recreated them from what I have had in my wardrobe for years. The results were pretty interesting!

Check it out below and give it a go yourself! Did you know I also offer a 'Shop Your Wardrobe' service too? If you have lots of clothes and nothing to wear then it could be the perfect solution to your wardrobe woes.

Happy styling,


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