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The Power of Power Dressing

It is International Women's Day and what better topic to write about than how to make yourself feel super confident and unstoppable using clothes. What does power dressing mean? Well it will mean different things to different individuals and that's the beauty of it. Power dressing is open to your interpretation but the bottom line is whatever you choose to adorn yourself in, be sure that it enhances how you feel.

Is power dressing all about power suits? Absolutely not. In my latest video I take a look at different women's interpretations of the phrase as well as showing you the outfits that I feel powerful in.

Take a look in your wardrobe today and start to examine how your clothes are making you feel. You never know the day when you might need an extra pep in your step. Your clothes are a great place to start.

Happy International Women's Day to you all. I am constantly inspired and in awe by all the strong, creative and powerful women out there.


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