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Why It's OK To Have Old Clothes In Your Wardrobe

I distinctly remember a friend asking me 'Sarah, how old is that top? I remember that from years ago?' as I wore one of my favourites. I recall feeling a sense of shame and embarrassment at the thought that someone might consider my clothes 'old'. My top was old but it was well kept and certainly didn't look old. The white was still white, it had maintained its shape well and it wasn't a high fashion item so it couldn't have looked out-of-date or dowdy. Yet, it was the last time I wore that top.

It was only years later I started to question the psychology behind this encounter. My friend and I grew up in a time when fast-fashion was a thing and so being seen in the same outfit twice or, heaven forbid, year after year, was a fashion no-no.

Admittedly I have jumped on the fast-fashion band wagon in the past. It's difficult to avoid with the pressures of Instagram and everyone knowing your business (and every item in your wardrobe) through social media.

In my latest video I celebrate some of the oldest pieces in my wardrobe in an effort to remove the stigma around this. There is a time to edit your wardrobe of course, but if your clothes are well kept and not trending items there is no reason why you shouldn't enjoy them for years.

I hope you enjoy this one!

Happy styling,

Sarah x

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