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Colour Consultation

​Colour can have a dramatic impact not only on how we look but also how we feel and how others perceive us. 

In this session you will:

  • learn what your Colour Season is through an in-depth analysis.

  • learn what your 'Wow' colours are so you can easily identify them when shopping.

  • learn about the colours that lift you and make you come alive to avoid looking washed out or tired.  

  • learn about hair colour and make up that will suit you best.

  • be amazed at how making smarter choices in style can have an outstanding effect on your confidence.

  • learn to avoid potentially costly mistakes in the future.

  • be sent your very own Seasonal Colour Palette PDF so you will always have a reference with you when shopping.

Also the perfect gift for someone special.

Investment: €195 Online

From €230 In-Person (depending on location)

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Online Wardrobe Edit

During the Wardrobe Edit we will systematically go through the items in your wardrobe and identify what is working for you and what needs to be donated/tailored/restyled/sold. 

We will create an inventory of what remains in your closet and identify gaps that can be filled in the future.

This is a hugely transformational experience both from a practical and emotional point of view.   


Investment: €195 Online

From €295 In-Person (depending on location/size of wardrobe)

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Personal Shopping

​Take the hassle out of shopping and finding that perfect outfit with my help and expert knowledge.

I work with every budget to help you find the perfect additions to your wardrobe, whether you are creating a capsule wardrobe, looking for key pieces for a Summer holiday or for a special upcoming event.

Investment: €250 Online

€275 in-person for 2 hours

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Body Shape Consultation

Confused about your body shape and how to dress to bring out your best features? 

In this session:

  • you will share two photos of yourself with me to help me get an understanding of your shape.

  • We can address any body confidence issues that might be holding you back. If suitable, I will use my skills from NLP to help you overcome these.

  • your body shape will be identified with bespoke advice to your particular shape.

  • you will learn what fabrics, cuts and patterns flatter you most.

  • you will learn what to avoid when dressing or shopping.

  • we will explore style inspiration for similar body types.

  • you will be given a detailed 'Shop For Your Shape' e-booklet with advice and images of what to wear and what to avoid so you will always have a reference with you.

  • Look and feel amazing, just as you are.

Investment: €195 Online

From €230 In-Person (depending on location)

*Click here to save through my Style Coaching Packages

Style Personality

'Dress to express, not to impress.'

If your closet is an eclectic mix of bits and pieces that don't necessarily reflect who you are today, then identifying your style personality is a must. At the end of this session you will have a specific style that communicates who you are, saving you time and money in the future.

In this session:

  • we will take a look at your preferences and dislikes and what you would like your style to say about you going forward.

  • we will also look at your lifestyle and get a clear understanding of what your wardrobe should consist of based on this.

  • we can also discuss specific requirements such as dressing for a specific event such as an interview, work or speaking engagement and still allowing your personality to shine through.

  • You will take part in some self-reflection activities that are a real eye-opener and will help with your transformation.

  • I will create your very own Style Development Vision Board which you will be able to collaborate on into the future. 

Investment: €195 Online

From €230 In-Person (depending on location)

*Click here to save through my Style Coaching Packages


Shop Your Wardrobe

This is the perfect session for you if you:

  • have lots of clothes and nothing to wear

  • struggle to put new combinations of clothes or colours together

  • Always wear the same outfits

  • want to be more sustainable in your fashion choices

Having a fresh perspective and a professional eye look over your wardrobe can breathe new life into those forgotten pieces. Most people only wear 20% of the clothes they own 80% of the time. Let's change that together!

Investment: €250 Online

From €295 In-Person (depending on location)


Mind Coaching

Are you held back by low confidence, low self-esteem, fears or anxiety? Imagine what life would be like if only you had the confidence and courage to go let your true self shine.  Self doubt and a lack of confidence can hold us back from living our dreams but that doesn't have to be the case.  

I am an experienced and qualified Coach and a member of the International Association of Mind Coaches (IAMC).  I am also a certified Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). 

I specialise in the following areas:

  • Low confidence

  • Low self/esteem

  • Anxiety/Stress management

  • Body confidence

  • Goal Setting and Achievement

  • Overcoming fears


Coaching sessions go hand-in-hand with your style transformation or as a stand alone service toward living a happier life.

Read more about The Style Coach™ here.

Investment: €195 Online

From €230 In-Person (depending on location)

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