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Steam Irons - Life Hack?

It seems like the world is full of life hacks to make our lives easier so we can do things quicker or with less effort. When does a life hack become a gimmick? In my opinion, it's a gimmick when it does not do what it promises to do. One of these life hacks I invested in recently is a steam iron.

Do I hate ironing? Not at all. In fact I find it therapeutic and quite satisfying to see my clothes neatly pressed and ready to be worn. So where does the problem lie? Why would I need/want a steam iron?

Well there are situations that call for using a garment steamer and it does have more uses that just getting rid of creases in clothes.

Check out my review in my video below and let me know if you have one and what your thoughts are on them.

Thanks for reading and watching!

Sarah x

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